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GPRS Setup On Your Computer To Access Internet

HOW TO SETUP TMobile GPRS On FLYBOOK or any other laptop with UNLOCKED GPRS
FOR TMOBILE Blackberry 8700

  1. Your Wireless SolutionThe T-Mobile Wireless Data Configurator will help you build a mobile data solution around a PDA or laptop you own or are thinking of purchasing.
    Setup of BlackBerry 8700g to Laptop Windows XP using BlackBerry Universal USB Cable for GPRS
    .RIM BlackBerry 8700g handset purchased from T-Mobile
    .PC with an available USB port
    .BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed from accompanying CD. If the CD is unavailable, visit www.t-mobile.com/bbupgrade and install the most recent version of Desktop Manager Software.
    .User should be logged in as Administrator or have administrator privileges in the profile to modify system files

    Setting up the modem
    1 On the PC, connect the USB cable from the USB port to the side of the handset. Windows will detect the handset and install the drivers.
    2 Double click the Desktop Manager icon.
    3 Click Options and then Connection Settings.
    4 Click Detect.
    5 When the Warning dialog box appears, click OK.
    6 The dialog box should display: USB handheld found, click OK.
    7 Ensure that the Connection field displays USB-PIN: and click OK.
    8 Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and double click the System icon.
    9 Click the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button.
    10 Click the + next to Ports (COM & LPT) and make a note of which COM port is assigned to the RIM Virtual Serial Port.
    11 Return to the Control Panel and double click the Phone and Modem Options icon.
    12 Click the Modems tab and click Add....
    13 Check Don't detect my modem; and click on Next.
    14 Click to select Standard Modem Types from the Manufacturer list.
    15 Click to select Standard 19200bps Modem from the Models list.
    16 Click Next.
    17 Click to select the COM port assigned to the RIM Virtual Serial Port and click Next.
    18 Click Finish.
    19 Click once on the Standard 19200bps Modem and click oProperties.
    20 Click the Advanced tab.
    21 Type at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”wap.voicestream.com” in the Extra initialization commands field.
    22 Click OK twice to complete the setup.

    Setting up the connection
    1 On the PC, click Start, Settings, Control Panel and then double click Network Connections.
    2 Click the link to Create a new connection.
    3 This will open a New Connection Wizard. Click Next to begin the setup.
    4 Click to select Connect to the Internet.
    5 Click Next.
    6 Click to select Set up my connection manually.
    7 Click Next.
    8 Click to select Connect using a dial-up modem.
    9 Click Next.
    10 Check the box to select the Standard 19200bps Modem.
    11 Ensure it is the only modem checked and click Next.
    12 For the ISP Name, type T-Mobile GPRS.
    13 Click Next.
    14 For the Phone number type *99#
    15 Click Next.
    16 If prompted, click to select whether you would like this connection available for Anyone’s use or My use only.
    17 Click Next.
    18 Ensure the User name, Password and Confirm password fields are blank.
    19 Check to select from the available options below and click Next.
    20 Click Finish to complete the setup.

    Making the connection
    1 On the PC, return to the Network Connections folder and double click the T-Mobile GPRS icon.
    2 Ensure that the Username and Password fields are blank.
    3 Ensure the number to Dial is *99#
    4 Click Dial .
    You will now be connected to the T-Mobile GPRS service.
For all other Tmobile Device please use T-Mobile Simple Instructions

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