Sunday, December 21, 2014


Donating 300 complete computer setup for School in Ethiopia.

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Wube Kumsa and I am writing to you for your help or to lead me to some one who can help.

I have a charity organization called ITISMY.ORG that is registered in Massachusetts to donate computers and related technology for school in Ethiopia.  Since  2009 I donated for a few schools in Addis Ababa, few countries in Africa as well for communities and schools in Boston.  It is always an issue to deliver my donation for Ethiopian school and mainly with custom office that is not consistent every time I send. My wish is that computer donated to school should be free for school students who need it the most. I have been looking for an answer from someone and organization to guide me without any problem and so that I can go to a country side to setup and help students with computer that intended for education purpose.

This year, I received about 300 computers from my company to donate for schools in Ethiopia and more. I want to ship them to Addis Ababa and store them to donate for schools located in a country side.

Paying a tax for all those computers will cost more and I was told that I will need Donation Certificate, and unfortunately, I am a U.S. Citizen and my home is in Portsmouth, NH. Getting donation certificate is valid only for Ethiopian resident.

Any advice that you may have will help me to work on my donation project will be appreciated.  Here is some picture for you to see and all comes with a flat screen 19" monitor. I also ask you to check the web site to see the Recepients

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