Sunday, March 12, 2006

Using A Blackberry as a Modem on a Laptop

Using Blackberry such as 7100, 7290, 7250, 8700, 7130e, and more can now be used just like an external modem for a laptop computer.

All current devices that are listed here comes with modem, and connection can me made by using USB cable that comes with blackberry device.

First Step

Launch Blackberry Handheld Manager (software).
Use USB cable to connect your blackberry to your laptop.

Special Configuration will be required:

Go to Control Panel
Phone & Modem Option, in the modem tab choose standard modem on a new port(com 6 or com11)
Click properties and advanced and add the following Extra Initializations’ command
For TMobile type +cgdccont=1,”IP”,””,””,0,0

Second Step

Add a New Internet Connection

Click start / Connect To / show all connection and create NEW CONNECTION
Click next
Select connect to the internet
Select setup my connection manually
Select connect using a dial-up modem
Check only the standard modem
Give a name such as mintz blackberry
On the next screen depending on you’re your carrier:
For TMobile/At&T/Cingular: Enter Phone Number *99#
For Verizone Enter Phone Number #777
Click Next
On the next screen when asked for user name password just enter
No password will be required for TMobile Carrier.

3 Third Setup

Make sure to disable Header Compression.

Go to blackberry modem
Click properties
Click network Tab
Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
Click properties button
Disable “Use IP header Compression” checkbox
Click ok to close.

Now if all things configured properly you will be serfing the net with the spped of 115 kbps.

Go to ATT.COM/wireless
Choose Business Center
Choose Solutions
Scroll down to wireless Laptop solution
Choose Communication Manager
Scroll down and down load the latest version
Save downloads to your desktop
After download complete choose Open or Run to start
Follow on screen installation wizard.
After installation re-start your laptop
Click on communicator manager located on your desktop or under Program.
Cconnect your AT&T handheld to your laptop using usb cable.
Click Connect.
In a few second you will be serfing..........