Tuesday, July 08, 2014

ITISMY.ORG - 2013 Donation Recepients

PAS Assists Fulbright Alumna with Donation to Learning Center

Photos:  DPAO Jennifer Lawson with Ministry of Youth and Sport Provincial Youth Coordinator (l) and with the center’s director (r) at handover of monitors to theKalingalinga Youth Resource Center.
U.S. Fulbright Student Program 2013 alumna Joy Buolamwini, with support fromU.S. organization ITISMY.ORG, donated 16 computer monitors to the KalingalingaYouth Resource Center in Lusaka to support computer skills training among Zambian youth.  Through her organization Zamrize, which she founded in Zambia, Joy aims to empower youth to become creators of technology through lab-based integrative computational experiences that focus on exposure, education, and entrepreneurship.   Deputy PAO Jennifer Lawson handed over the computers on behalf of Zamrize and emphasized the U.S. government’s commitment to education and youth empowerment.  Ministry of Youth and Sport Provincial Youth Coordinator Waana Namakanda together with the youth center’s manager and board members thanked Zamrize and the U.S. Embassy for the donation, stating that the monitors will facilitate teaching and learning at the center.