Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trying Galaxy Note 4 and Nokia 1520

I am currently using the following two phones and see which is better.

Nokia 1520 Loaded with Windows 8.1 with 20 mega pixel. More update will be posted...
Purchased unlocked came with chineese language as a default. I took a walk to look for a person that knows the language and I found a lady from China inside Mall. I was able to setup the device.
 Screen and the camera was great, but miss a lot of Apps that I want. if you like windows this is for you. It has every thing that your home Window based PC contains.
Galaxy Note 4 with 16 Mega pixel and more update will be added,

This is also unlocked came with Korean Language loaded from the factory. Finding Korean person was not easy as finding some one from China. So I had to search on the line and the fix was simple. I had to do a hard set. It might work for nokia phone as well! but since it has other problems i send it back for a replacement. Here is the instructions

  1. 1
    turn off your device

  2. 2
    press the following:
    1. power button
    2. volume up/down or both
    3. home button (if any)
    4. if you do not have volume buttons, you should look for a reset button or hole and press that instead to trigger reset

  3. 3
    release the power button when you see the Android guy

  4. 4
    choose recovery mode

  5. 5
    choose wipe data/factory reset

  6. 6
    choose yes

  7. 7
    device will reboot or will ask you to reboot
Galaxy Note 4 is the same as Note 3 except the camera came with 16 mega pixel. If you are like me 
Who likes too many pictures for any moments, and this is what you need. You can download so many apps that works for any thing you want to use. It cost more from Windows version, but it is very useful in so may ways.